Here you can find links to selected interviews and webinars, plus a few personal favorites.


Navigating a postpandemic world with Vanessa Cornett. Key Ideas with Leila Viss: Transparent Reflections and Illuminating Conversations (2022). iTunes 1528358107 episodes 59 and 60.


Performance anxiety and its peak companions—Vanessa Cornett. Wolf in Tune with Richard “Wolfie” Wolf (May 21, 2020). iTunes 1488561039, Episode 14.


Mental skills for stress reduction and peak performance, with author Dr. Vanessa Cornett. Enhance Life with Music (March 31, 2020). iTunes 1475196271, Episode 36.


The mindful musician: An interview with Vanessa Cornett. Riding the Dragon: Consolation for Artists and Intellectuals (Aug. 7, 2019). Archived online at


The mindful musician with Vanessa Cornett (Aug. 21, 2018). Music, Mind, and Movement. iTunes 1435209764, Episode 5.


Hypnotherapy and creativity with Vanessa Cornett-Murtada (June 22, 2016). ComposerQuest: A Songwriting and Music Composition Podcast. iTunes 59101197, Episode 152. 


The road less traveled: A mindful alternative to toxic busyness (2017). MTNA webinar series on wellness and rejuvenation. Music Teachers National Association. Archived online and available to the general public.

Mindfulness practice for collegiate music students and faculty (2016). College Music Society webinar series: The Role of Collegiate Faculty and Administrators in Addressing Musician's Health. Archived online and available to the public.

The words we speak: The power of language in nurturing confident musicians (2018). Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy teacher education webinar series and micro-course series. Archived online through The Piano Magazine. Requires an account.

Navigating mental health and resilience in the age of COVID-19 (2020). With Noa Kageyama, Jess Johnson, Julie Nagel. Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy teacher education webinar series. Archived online through The Piano Magazine. Requires an account.

Other Stuff

Our World So Freely Given. Composed by Vanessa Cornett for Ann DuHamel, 2020.

The Patriot (for kneeling pianist). Composed by Vanessa Cornett and Salam Murtada for Nick Phillips, 2018.

A Prayer for Ukraine, for piano four hands. Composed by Mykola Lysenko, arranged by Salam Murtada and Vanessa Cornett for "Sounds of Hope: Rebuilding Ukraine" benefit concert at the University of St. Thomas, 2022.

Salam Murtada (composer) website.


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